About Carey

Toronto based jewelry designer Carey Pearson creates unique and simply beautiful jewelry.

Fine Jewellery Designer



Jewellery is meant to be worn, it's meant to inspire, energize, and be passed on throughout family history. It is this timeless approach that inspires my designs. I want my clients to beam when they walk away with their new piece whether it's something fun and everyday that I've designed or something meaningful and life changing that we've designed together.

I am privileged to co-own a stunning storefront and studio, Flux + Form. The store is shared with two jewellers, Kim & Suzanne, best friends who made the leap in 2007 and opened Flux + Form. I joined the girls in the Summer 2015. Flux + Form has been voted as BlogTO's "Best Jewellery Stores in Toronto" and "The top 10 diamond engagement rings in Toronto" and nominated as NOW Magazines "Best Jewellery Store".

All materials used by Carey are sourced through environmentally responsible procedures, and great care is taken with the custom fabrication of each piece. Everything is proudly made in Toronto



I began my career life in the Television Media Industry in a Sales and Marketing capacity. It was a great career. It taught me to appreciate the importance of superior customer service and trusting my instincts. There was always something missing though. When I discovered the art of hand crafting jewellery during this time I knew this was it. The passion I felt when designing or producing a new piece was all consuming.

I started studying jewellery techniques on a part time basis for years until one day the desire finally took over.  I took the leap and enrolled in the Jewellery Methods Program at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. On my first day back in school I knew that this was where I was meant to be. 

Throughout my career as a jeweller I have learned the beauty of working with gold, diamonds and gemstones and discovered how much I continue to enjoy working directly with clients. I thrive on this interaction as I feel it is such a privilege to be part of a design that has such meaning and power in their lives. 

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I am inspired by the beauty of every day life. I grew up in the city and spent most of my summers camping in the awesome Northern Ontario and travelling by car across Canada. As much as I try to control the metals I work with I'm always pleased with how they add their own unique aesthetic. Instead of fighting it I embrace it. 

I love a story and find that many of my own designs having meaning behind them. Meaning that can be transferred to the wearer to go with their own life story. When creating a custom piece it is even more special to me because this piece is being created to either alter (a revamping of an older piece) or add to (engagement and wedding) a clients life.

All Jewellery is hand crafted in Downtown Toronto.